We've put in over 300 hours!

Our efforts in the garden are really starting to show.  There has been plenty of traffic in the garden throughout the summer and there is always someone telling us what a great job we are doing!  Yesterday morning I arrived ahead of the group and was struck by what I saw.

What a golden morning!  The air was still and quiet and the pond fountain was sprinkling gently on the water.  The grass is green again and had been cut the day before.  The paths curve away from the pond, inviting exploration.  At that moment I knew that we are really bringing "garden" back to "Tower Hill Park and Garden"!

All gardeners know that gardens take work and the rains that have greened up the grass, have brought out the weeds with a vengeance!  So we spent the morning back up at the base of the tower, weeding the rock garden and finishing cleaning the path that connects it to the pond.

WorkdaysAnne Bossart