Summer's end

The end of summer has brought the end of the drought!  The grass is green and growing again in the garden and the sun is lower in the sky.  We are ready for those golden days of autumn as they mean one thing to gardeners:  it's time to divide and transplant plants!

Yesterday we started on the hostas.  Despite their sunny location and having been browsed on by the deer, they have been thriving!  We divided several huge clumps into gallon pot sized plants.  We will sell as many as we can at our Plant Sale during the Doors Open event on September 29th and plant the rest in the garden.

The Ranger Cabin won't be open for the event this year but Sharon and Fran thought the walkway should be uncovered and cleaned anyhow.  It's starting to look less abandoned .... especially with a plant on the doorstep.

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