The goldfish are fine ... but the pine trees are not.

One of the last times I visited the garden before the pond froze over I spotted our goldfish.  They move much slower in the cold weather! IMG_6341

At this time of year when the world seems colourless, it was great to see bright orange in the dark water.  There is fall colour in the pine trees too, but that is, unfortunately, a very bad thing.  Late last summer, the Town was advised by the MNR that there is a beetle infestation in the "plantation".  The threat was likely heightened by the drought last summer (combined with the fact that the trees are planted very close together on a steep slope in sandy soil) and many of the trees have already died.


The Town has begun the process of removing the dead ones and it looks pretty barren at the moment,


but they will be consulting with forestry experts over the winter and working on a replanting plan that will give the forest more species diversity that will make it more resistant to pests and diseases.

Gardeners try to see the loss of a tree as an opportunity and so we are looking forward to playing a role in reshaping this area ... it will certainly be a sunnier spot next summer!


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