Be careful what you wish for ...

... because you may get your wish granted. Council voted last week to support a resolution allowing a volunteer effort to repair/renovate/restore the Ranger Cabin.  The Cabin was given a heritage designation along with the Garden in December 2011 and in June 2012 Council directed staff to pursue funding opportunities to assist with the renovation.  At that time they agreed that they would not like to see the Cabin deteriorate beyond repair. As the grant sought by staff was turned down, Council is considering financial support through the budget process but has made the decision that working with volunteers and community partners will hasten achievement of the goal.



It is in sad shape all right ... the roof needs to be repaired and replace and the interior ...



But the building is sound so with a little help from the business community and council and a lot of sweat equity from volunteers across our broader community (not only Parry Sounders) who have already expressed an interest in lending a helping hand we are embarking on the project.  Our goal is to restore it to the exterior configuration as it was in the 30's and 40's as it was designed by Peter McEwen to harmonize with the grounds. The open porch will be the perfect place for grandparents to sit and rest while their charges "charge " up the Tower to admire the view!