The last rose of Summer

Many people tell us that some of their fondest memories of the old Tower Hill Garden were of the Rose Garden.  There is no evidence of it, but we have heard that it was a formal sunken garden.  We are not sure we could re-create it,  even if we did have photos (none so far), so in the meantime, we have been planting easy care shrub roses in the rock garden between the Pond and the Cabin. IMG_6822

They are great low maintenance garden choices for homeowners; drought tolerant, pest & disease resistant small shrubs that flower all season long.


There were still a few blooming on our final workday, last Wednesday.  We have had an amazing fall without a really hard frost until this weekend but have decided to hang up our tools for the winter.  We logged over 500 volunteer hours and had many, many positive comments about our efforts.


The ground is too soggy to dig, with all the rain we have had the past few weeks, so this week we dug up the canna lily bulbs, dig some raking and packed up our tools.


As we said our goodbyes and had one last look around, there it was ... the last rose of summer ... still blooming!