"You Had to be There"

There are some things you have to see with your own eyes to appreciate their beauty. Sometimes those moments can be captured “on film” but for the most part, those photos simply serve to remind you of how beautiful the moment was.


On this last day of February, we had some moments like that. Cold and clear overnight, there was frost on the trees and Tower and the sun was just low enough when I was there about 8:15 this morning. The Tower is open all winter long and the view was worth the climb (as usual).


Even the cage at the top of the Tower was decked out in ice crystals.


Did you know that there is a bench halfway up for those who are afraid of heights or just can’t make it to the top? The view is pretty good from there too.


There are a couple of paths up to the Tower from the road. The Museum’s plow person is doing an awesome job this winter of leaving easy pedestrian access.


The rest of the Garden is pretty inaccessible these days. There aren’t even many deer tracks. They must be hiding in the woods behind the Museum.


It’s a peaceful place to be as we wait patiently (not!) for spring’s arrival.

Anne Bossart