PolicemanwithMadeleneTaylorandDell Snyderman1940

PolicemanwithMadeleneTaylorandDell Snyderman1940

The main entrance to the Garden is located near the Museum.  Walking toward the Tower, you will pass the spot where the Old Policeman stood guard for many years.

The path to the base of the Tower is no longer lined with flowers, but we envision that it will be again.

The base of the Tower itself is a rock garden filled with shrubs and flowers that tolerate the dry conditions.  Originally, the garden was planted with dwarf conifers and the many interesting waterworn rocks were collected by the Fire Rangers in the early days.


The blues and lavenders of the irises of early summer are replaced by a riot of colour by late summer.

If you are not afraid of the climb, you can easily find your way to the steps,

and will be rewarded by a view that is hard to match no matter the season or time of day.