Look what was here!

Our Wednesday morning group tackled two spots where grass and soil had, over time, hidden some of the garden's original stonework. When we were done and one of us exclaimed, "Look what was here!" it really reinforced our purpose.  The "bones" of the garden, put in place by the hard work of the rangers so many years ago, are still there.  All we have to do is reveal them and enhance them with plantings! This patchwork of stones beside the pond:

... looked like this after the team had grubbed off all the grass.  Pretty impressive!

Once they were done, they joined the group working on the 4H Club's butterfly garden at the flagpole.   Over the years the soil had spilled over the flagstone edging to make it appear much smaller than it really was.  In this photo, Glenda & Dave from the Georgian Bay Biosphere Reserve admire our handiwork.  The GBBR provided funding and assistance for the planting.

It is now a real garden feature, all swept clean.  If you look closely at this photo, you can see how far the soil had taken over.  Although we were tempted to wash the stones clean, we thought the water would be better used on the plants!