Pond plant transplant

A few weeks ago I was offered some pond plants by Marianne King-Wilson.  She said her pond was quite overgrown and she would be happy to share.  When I dropped by to have a look today, I saw that she wasn't kidding.  The lilies had actually grown to create a floating island complete with an iris, some other plants I couldn't identify and even some worms.  It was a floating ecosystem and I was quite excited to have it in our pond.

It was so massive I knew I would never be able to retrieve it on my own so I returned this afternoon with my trailer, my husband and a tarp. We had to cut it into three pieces and could still barely get it out.  Luckily, Marianne had filled the pond to overflowing to make the lift a little easier.

What a score!  It filled the trailer!

We delivered it to the pond, a little worse for wear, but I am confident that it will be quite happy for the extra space once it gets settled and can spread its leaves on the surface of the water.  It doesn't look quite as massive in the Tower Pond as it did in Marianne's pond  but it dwarfs the plants that we planted earlier this summer.  The fish were quite intrigued and would like to extend their heartfelt thanks to Marianne!

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