Thank you John Anderson of Sobey's !

It was a busy week in the Garden and John Anderson made it end on a very bright note! IMG_6621

On Wednesday we cleaned and weeded and edged as we are finally running out of plants to plant. But our efforts are really starting to pay off.  There are perennials and shrubs blooming around the base of the tower and there are water lilies blooming in the pond.


When it is sunny the fish gather in the shade of the lilies and other floating plants.  We had some fish loss over the winter, so we have started to replenish the population. We released these little fellas in the planting at the pond's edge and they were soon swimming about enjoying life beyond the aquarium!


On Thursday afternoon I received a call from John Anderson, who offered to fill my van with flowers for the Garden.


So Thursday evening was spent planting them around the garden.  Trees, shrubs and perennials are the meat, potatoes and vegetables of a garden ... but I am a true believer that dessert is part of a balanced diet.  That's my idea of a dessert spoon!