One fish, two fish, red fish, new fish!

It was a crazy, busy week at Tower Hill last week.  In addition to getting ready for the Horticultural Society's Garden Tour, the Wednesday Gardeners dug the sod in preparation for a trench for the new power line to the Cabin. IMG_6654

Having accomplished that by nine thirty, we carried on weeding and clearing the last flagstone path that was waiting to be uncovered ... leading from the pond to the street. Sharon has been dying to get that one uncovered.  Here she is, with her daughter Jennie and Barbara just getting started.


By noon it was all cleared and swept and may the prettiest of all the walkways ... the stones are smaller and more rounded from the weather than the others.


Many of the visitors on Sunday entered the Garden on this path from the parking lot which delivered them to the Pond to admire the bright pink water lilies blooming and the 19 hefty new goldfish that were donated on Thursday evening.  They were somewhat unceremoniously dumped from a bucket into the pond and they are real beauties!  These are a couple of the smaller ones!


The rest of Thursday evening was spent planting a few more shrubs and several flats of annuals which were donated by the Town.  Friday was a full day for the Cabin Crew as the electricians from Blitz Electric installed a new entry panel and we had the line buried.


It was a full day's work, but by 4:30 it was all tucked in.  The procedure went smoothly and the power was only off to the Tower and the Pond for a couple of hours.

Sunday was a glorious day ... we had about 60 visitors and they all had wonderful things to say about the Garden and all that the Tower Hill Gardeners have accomplished in just one year (our first workday was the last Saturday of June last year!).  I was so busy talking to people that I forgot to take pictures, but there were people everywhere ... especially around the pond ... admiring the waterlilies (we were asked more than once if the blooms are artificial, they were so picture perfect) and the many goldfish swimming about or peeking out from under a lily.