Green is a colour too!

As a gardener in a public place I often hear the refrain "we need more colour in the garden" which is code for we need more flowers ... bright coloured flowers, preferably pink.  My usual response is "green is a colour too", because I love the plants as much as I love the flowers! IMG_7225_1

The cool temperatures and abundance of rain this summer has meant that the colour in the garden is ... GREEN!  Although we have planted some annuals like petunias, there has not really been enough warm, dry, sunny weather for them to thrive.


To complicate matters, after years of living on a diet of hostas, the deer on the Hill have decided that phlox are much yummier so the phlox we had in abundance last summer, may not bloom at all.

But green is a colour too and the garden is lush and beautiful.  This area of the Garden that was dried up and filled with scorched shrubs during the drought just two years ago ...


... looks like this now.


And there are some phlox that the deer have yet to discover, so there is some "colour" in the Garden.