Where have all the flowers gone?

It's Hallowe'en and we are having our first snow of the season, but we are still wondering what happened to summer and those warm golden days of autumn.  It was a great summer in the Garden despite the cool, wet weather.  The annual flowers didn't amount to much but all the perennials that are adapted to our climate flourished. IMG_7285

The planting around the pond was lush and colourful and the mass planting of Black eyed Susan's was spectacular through September and most of October.


The purple coneflowers bloomed for months on end


The Gardeners kept busy weeding and deadheading through the summer but would never pass by the opportunity to create some new beds to plant in next season.


As we packed up our tools this week, the "Last Rose of Summer" title went to the "Campfire Rose" looking pathetic but still blooming in the special planting next to the Ranger Cabin that was planted in partnership with the Museum on Tower Hill to celebrate the centenary of Tom Thomson's visit to the area.






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