After a long wait, spring has arrived!

Once the snow decided to melt, it disappeared in a big hurry and we were able to start our gardening season on April 29th. IMG_2088

We had a nice big group (with a few new faces) and spent the morning cleaning out perennial beds and raking leaves (which we stockpiled to use later in the season as mulch)

IMG_2094The grass was greening up nicely and the first blooms of spring, our primroses were a welcome sight!


This week, the Town staff were on hand and we spent the whole day cleaning out and refilling the pond.


The fish retreated to their underground cave for the procedure, but started to venture out once there was a bit of water to swim around in.

photo 3They've been hiding under the rocks ever since and will be happy for the shade of the water lilies, which should grow quickly in the warm sunshine that has ushered in daffodil season!