Creating a Lilac Walk

IMG_2152 We are undertaking something bigger than we have done before.  During the winter we received Council approval for our plan for a Lilac Walk/Grove.  The plan was to add examples of a number of different Lilac cultivars along the walk around the base of the tower so that visitors could see that there are more than big lilac coloured lilacs available to plant in their gardens.  The walk will culminate in a grove of very special lilacs dedicated to Leonard Slater (a long time cottager in the area who developed them).

Here's a look at the overall plan.

Site Plan

Despite our best efforts to spend it all, we had some funds left over from last season and we applied for and received a Special Project Grant from the Ontario Horticultural Association.  That was quickly matched by our Society and by the family of Leonard Slater.  So we were in business and ordered the plants!

They arrived on a big truck a couple of weeks ago and the Thursday night gardeners had their first workday getting them planted.


The early blooming French hybrids were already blooming and instantly filled the Garden with their fragrance.


We planted the drought tolerant Korean Dwarf varieties in the Rock Garden. The "Miss Kim" is so huge we could barely lift it.  It will be blooming in another week or so.

Miss Kim

But the "Palibin", "Boomerang" and "Tinkerbelle" are worth a visit right now.


The later blooming Preston Lilacs are gearing up now.  This one named "Miss Canada" looks like it will be quite interesting.