Our Wildlife Habitat Garden was planted in 2016 and made possible by partnership funding from TD Friends of the Environment Foundation, Georgian Bay Biosphere Reserve and the Tower Hill Gardeners.  Located in the circular area bounded by the circular drive directly across from the Museum entrance, the garden is planted with native plants that sustain wildlife.

As you wander through the Habitat Garden you will see the butterfly garden planted by the  Georgian Bay Biosphere Reserve and the 4H Club along with its interpretive sign.

There is a broad selection of plants provide food and shelter for birds, butterflies and other pollinators.  The perennial flowers and grasses planted in the sunny rock garden area provide nectar for birds and pollinators in summer and seed into the fall and winter.

The densely planted fruit bearing shrubs will create a thicket as they mature to provide shelter as well as food for many different birds.


The juniper and blueberry shrubs planted in the rock crevices provide food and cover for birds and a great place for amphibians to sun themselves.

We have installed many birdhouses throughout the garden.  This nuthatch box is planted close to the cedar thick to provide extra protection.

There is plenty of information about gardening for the birds on our interpretive sign ...

including this list of plants to sustain birds that are suitable for home gardens in our area.

There is a wealth of information on the internet about gardening for wildlife.  Start by clicking here to visit the Canadian Wildlife Federation's Gardening page and here to visit the Audubon website to learn more about gardening for birds.